Why switch to e-POWER?

e-POWER has enabled us to access the short-term PPA market efficiently, and at a price that's presently higher than what we were offered on fixed term contracts. That means we can deliver better returns to our shareholders.

Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Triodos Renewables (62 MW portfolio).

The renewable energy market is complex, and it can be quite difficult for a smaller, community-based business to understand and operate within. We have found that the e-POWER auction offers us a service that has made it relatively easy to understand and use.

Rod Edwards, Bro Dyfi Community Renewables, a 500 kW wind turbine in Powys, Wales.

The e-POWER auction enables us to access the widest possible potential market for our energy output at a price we know to be competitive.

John Mackenzie, Assynt Hydro, a small community owned 240 kW hydro plant on the North Lochinver Estate, Scottish Highlands.

There are many reasons why generators are making the switch to e-POWER:

  1. It's easy to get started, and it's easy to use.
  2. We'll get you the best price. We have a track record in securing the best price for your power, year in, year out. Independent analysis by Cornwall Energy shows that e-POWER auctioned electricity achieves 96-98% of market value, (typical short-term PPAs achieve around 90% and long-term PPAs around 70% of full market value).
  3. We save you time. It would take you a great deal of time to contact twenty suppliers for their best offers, along with a great deal of skill to ensure that you are comparing like with like when reviewing their offers. We take that headache away.
  4. The e-POWER auction is very competitive. More than twenty suppliers regularly participate in each e-POWER auction, making an average of over ten bids per generating site.
  5. We make a complex world simple. There's no need to negotiate with different suppliers or be an expert in PPAs. As e-POWER operates under a standard tried and tested PPA accepted by all suppliers, used repeatedly by over 100 generators, you don't need to worry about negotiating bilateral PPAs.
  6. We save you money. The PPA includes no financial penalties or minimum requirements for generation as the supplier guarantees to buy all that the plant produces.
  7. We help your cash flow. For sites also selling ROCs, there are significant cash flow benefits as the generator is paid for their ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) two months before they have even been issued by Ofgem.
  8. It's 'admin-lite' and hassle-free. We remove the administrative headache, taking care of billing and settlement and responsibility for Ofgem reporting.
  9. We cater for all size of generator. We cover the whole market, so we service the small independent generator right through to the bigger players. Our auction platform provides a level playing field - the small generators are able to get the same, best price as the big generators.
  10. We know the market. We have unrivalled experience in this market, with the know-how and expertise you can rely on. We're friendly and helpful - we'll do all we can to help those that are new to this market find their feet.

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