e-ROC & e-REGO Auctions

We'll sell your ROCs & REGOs, come rain, wind or shine

Our e-POWER auction remains the best option for renewable generators, with one of the many benefits of our PPA being that generators are paid the full value of their ROCs in advance of them being issued.

However, for those customers wishing to sell ROCs separate from generation, our on-line auction provides a simple, yet competitive, route to market. Since its launch in 2002 we have sold over 18 million ROCs through our e-ROC auction. Building on the success of e-ROC, we now also run regular e-REGO auctions.

Popular with buyers and sellers alike, our auctions are the easiest way for you to gain access to the widest possible audience. The competitive auction environment ensures you receive full market value and, with a quick turn-around, you receive prompt payment.

How it works:

  1. We email all registered sellers prior to the auction, asking if they wish to take part. We also suggest a reserve price, based on independent market analysis and previous auction results.
  2. Sellers transfer certificates to our Ofgem account prior to the auction.
  3. We also email all registered buyers with details of the auction. On the day of the auction, bidders log on to the secure auction website and formally make a bid for individual lots, or groups of lots, on a price per certificate basis.
  4. Lots are awarded to the bidder who submits the highest bid which is not bettered after a period of 30 minutes. Each time a new bid is received, the 30 minute 'bidding window' resets.
  5. The auction typically lasts several hours (until no new bids are received). Once it has ended, we issue an invoice to the buyer and a statement to the seller confirming the details of the sale.
  6. The buyer has 7 calendar days in which to pay their invoice. Once payment is received by e-POWER, we transfer the relevant certificates to the buyer and pay the seller's invoice (less our fee).
How often? e-ROC auctions are held monthly e-REGO auctions are held roughly once a quarter
How much? 60p per ROC (subject to a minimum fee of £75) 12p per REGO (subject to a minimum fee of £50)

In order to sell or buy ROCs and/or REGOs, please click here.

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