e-POWER - What to do next

Follow these three simple steps to sell your electricity in the e-POWER auction:

  1. Provide details about your generating sites by filling out this simple facility information form.
  2. If you have it, e-mail a spreadsheet of half hourly data to hello@epower.net so suppliers can get a good idea of what they are bidding for. If you are a new generator and do not have historical half hourly data, email your expected export profile to hello@epower.net
  3. Sign our Agency Agreement. This appoints us to act on your behalf to sell your power to the highest bidder. The agreement is an evergreen one - it automatically renews - but only commits you to sell in the upcoming auction.

You are now all set up to realise the full value of your power at our next auction.

You might find our FAQs helpful

If you have any more questions email hello@epower.net or call us on 0191 245 7330.

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