e-ROC and e-REGO FAQs
  1. How can I sell my ROCs and/or REGOs in the auction? The first step is to enter into the Agency Agreement and transfer the certificates to our Ofgem account.
  2. I'm a new user, how long will it take to register for an auction? You can send signed Agency Agreement at any time but no later than five days before the date of the auction. This will allow details of your certificates to be shown on the auction site two days before the auction starts.
  3. How will I get paid for certificates sold at auction? Following the auction will ask you to invoice us. We will then make payment to you, less our fees, once we receive payment from the buyer. Payment to sellers is usually made within 8 days of the auction.
  4. What are your fees? For ROCs, the charges are 60p per ROC, subject to a minimum fee of £75. For REGOs, the charges are 12p per REGO, subject to a minimum fee of £50 (fees are subject to VAT).
  5. Can I specify a reserve price? Yes. We suggest a reserve price using independent market analysis and the result of our previous auctions. You may, however, request a different reserve price by emailing us.
  6. How many certificates are in a lot? There is no set size. In our e-ROC auction lots vary from less than a hundred to a few thousand. Lots in the e-REGO auctions are usually larger and can include several hundred thousand REGOs.
  7. Why are GB electricity suppliers willing to buy ROCs in the auction at more than the buy out price published by Ofgem? By submitting ROCs to Ofgem they avoid having to pay the buy-out price and benefit from a payment from the buy-out fund.
  8. How can I be sure I'll get the best price for my certificates? There are no guarantees but contact us for details of our recent prices, we think you'll be impressed by our results.
  9. Do I have to sell my electricity to e-POWER in order to sell my ROCs and /or REGOS through your auction? There is no obligation to sell your electricity through us, although if you wish to do so, you need our e-POWER auction.
  10. My bioliquid ROCs are subject to the 4% cap, can I still sell these? Yes. Although we clearly identify capped bioliquid ROCs, we successfully sell these alongside ordinary ROCs in the e-ROC online auctions.

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