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High Demand for Deep Green Certificates

10 May 2021

On Thursday 6th May we held an action-packed e-REGO auction, with over 3,500 bids pushing prices up to 71p per certificate.

REGOs (relating to April 2020 - March 2021) from all technologies were sold, however there was huge demand for "Deep Green" certificates (PV, Hydro and Wind) where the auction process pushed prices up to an average of 70p. We understand that bilateral deals prior to the auction had been resulting in prices around the 30p mark. This significant price increase demonstrates that the well-established e-POWER auction models deliver the best market price on the day.

It is hoped that the e-REGO auctions will help continue to develop a market for REGOs, therefore maximising the value for generators. The next auction will be held on Tuesday 5th October 2021.

In order to buy or sell REGOs (or ROCs) in our auctions you will need to complete an agency agreement and to you can view recent REGO prices here.