The e-ROC Auction

We'll sell your ROCs, come rain, wind or shine

Alongside e-POWER, our e-ROC auctions are an easy route to selling your Renewable Obligation Certificates, giving you access to the whole ROC market and delivering the best value on the day. Since we launched e-ROC over ten years ago, we have sold over 15 million ROCs. Using our auction improves your cash flow as it returns a full value price without having to take the risk of waiting for the recycle fund.

Some generators experience delays in getting accredited for ROCs, and use e-POWER as an alternative to taking system sell price (SSP) whilst they are waiting for accreditation to come through. They then use e-ROC to sell any spare ROCs before moving over to e-POWER to sell them both together.

We'll take care of the hassle

We'll sell your ROCs with the minimum of hassle, delivering highly competitive returns. We run the auctions online because that is the easiest way to provide access to the widest possible audience all at the same time. Just click here to send us an email or call us on 0191 245 7330 and we'll do the rest.

With fees set at only 50p per ROC (subject to a minimum fee of £50) your financial return promises to be healthy. ROCs must be registered for sale at least three days before an auction is due to start.

This is how e-ROC works:

  1. e-ROC auctions are held every month.
  2. Before each auction, we invite bidders to register to participate in the auction.
  3. Bidders are given a username and security password to gain entry to the auction via the secure e-ROC website. They can view the lots on offer.
  4. On the day of the auction, bidders log on to the e-ROC website and formally make a bid for individual lots, or groups of lots, on a price per ROC basis.
  5. Lots are awarded to the bidder who submits the highest bid which is not bettered after a period of 30 minutes. Successful bidders are then notified via email.
  6. Bidding takes place over our secure website. During the auction, all participants are able to see current highest bids, and final bid prices.

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